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I've created "me"s from myself, with endless reasons.. 

      This piece is created in the need of creating non-solo solo piece. The task was creating a solo. I created 3 puppets with modeling my own body with box tape and plastic bag, and filled them with papers. 

     The creation process becomed the dramaturgy of the piece ; the situation to create copies of yourself. "We’re creating some personas in order to continue our lives. They can be the weights we have to carry, sometimes we can hide our real self behind them, or we can search for the love we need from them, actually from ourselves."



Concept, Choreography & Performance: Ekin Tunçeli

Music: Spiegel im spiegel - Arvo pärt


Performed in:

- 2. Visibility in Art Festival İstanbul (2015)

- Alt 29'59'' First Edition (2018)

- RJNR Sub Opening Performance Çanakkale (2018)  

SELFIE in press



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