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who am i?

Ekin Tunçeli is a freelance dance artist who creates contemporary dance based productions with an understanding of interdisciplinary art design, blends familiar and unusual with using individual subjects, objects and popular images. Beside being choreographer, she is a contemporary dancer, singer, actress and performer. She has graduated from Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine and has BA on Contemporary Dance from MSGSÜ State Conservatory in İstanbul which makes her creations both analytic and initiative. She organizes impro improvisation meetings with, a community working on interdisciplinary music projects, open to artists and disciplines from all disciplines. She worked with Beyhan Murphy, TalDans, Clement Layes, Aslı Bostancı, Gizem Aksu, Fatih Gençkal, Harriet Plewis and worked in various musicals. She is a former chorus member of Bogazici Jazz Choir, still works there as choreographer and instructor. Her solo piece “ bir şey” is selected as Aerowaves Twenty20. She is currently having Choreography Master's in SKH (DOCH). 

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