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"bir şey"

      “Based on her personal journey, young dancer Ekin Tunçeli takes an issue, “a thing” from her generation and the big family of humanity to the stage via her body. There is a genderless body on the stage accompanied by objects destined to vanish; the only reality that doesn’t vanish is the body that stands before us. A body that wanders among feelings such as uncertainty, a state of tentativeness, things that need to be and wished to be done, crisis, indecision and despair. The audience will face the questions that the body bears. The stage is actually the mind of the dancer full of “I wonder if”s. “ Bahar Çuhadar


     The piece is established on the relationship between mind and body based on the conflict between the analytical mind that speaks, dictates, questions, and the intuitive mind that is in communication and contact with time and space. The stage is designed as inside of the artist’s mind, there is a life outside, there is the body reacts. Given the artist's educational life, career, long research process and the additive nature of the work, the work has an autobiographical character.



"Railways are amazing. They are in the middle of nowhere but they absolutely arrives somewhere."

About indecisions, uncertanities and confusions 

     The piece embraces the state of not knowing what to do and the intuitive attitude to be held against it and also uses it for a trial of a creating the choreographic structure on the stage. “It's like a sculpture of soap bubbles that are regenerated in every performance. It is impossible to fix and keep it, but it is necessary to solve how to do it very well. The interesting thing is that at the end of the day, the best thing I know will be not knowing what to do. ”


     The first version of “bir şey” (means a thing in English) started as MSGSÜ Contemporary 

Dance Department Undergraduate Graduation Project (2108)  and was performed at the 1st Cermodern International Solo Dance Festival. The research process continued with IKSV Choreographic Mentorship under the mentorship of Ayrin Ersöz and Impulstanz ATLAS 

under the guidance of Guy Cools. It has chosen as Twenty20 by Aerowaves and it’ll be performed in Croatia in 2020. The long version premiered in 23. IKSV Theatre Festival in December 1st 2019.

Concept, choreography & performance: Ekin Tunçeli

Sound Design: Ekin Tunçeli

Light Design: Utku Kara

Video: İrem Nalça

Poster: Manolya Urkan

Photos: Murat Dürüm

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