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     The piece is made on Nocturne in C-Sharp minor by Chopin, with a different notation trial on the floor. do is another name of the note C which is used in Turkish.  2 dancers only moved when the C note played on the song, and moved according to the octaves and the timings of the C note.  

Ekran Resmi 2019-01-04 02.09.03.png
Ekran Resmi 2018-10-29 00.01.30.png

Concept, Choreography: Ekin Tunçeli


Performance: Sedef Gökçe, Ekin Tunçeli​


Music: Chopin Nocturne C Sharp minor

Performed in:

- 1. Visibility in Art Festival İstanbul (2014)

Ekran Resmi 2018-10-29 00.02.37.png
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