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with a corner in the world

Encounters is created for Perspektif İstanbul by Atölye for the opening event of Apple Store Bağdat Caddesi, in collaboration with A Corner In The World team. 

   Inspired from Walk Around the Corner concept of Walk Around The Corner, we designed a performance walk titled "Encounters" for Perspektif İstanbul program. Through performances, we will explore the streets around the Bagdat Street Apple Store.

    The performance was designed as 7 performance stations on the backstreets of the Apple Store building. The whole structure is performed by 3 performers. The performance contains 3 solos and 4 trios. The audience walked through the stations with the guide and the collected footage from the performance with the devices which Apple provide them. In the end, the audience created their own videos from the performance. 



one of the audience videos
Ekran Resmi 2021-12-06 11.38.54.png
Ekran Resmi 2021-12-06 11.38.39.png

Concept and Design: A Corner in the World
Design and Choreography: Ekin Tunçeli
Creative Dancers: Ekin Tunçeli, Berk Can Ceylan, Rüçhan Eylül Ercan

Thanks to BoMoVu for their venue support for the rehearsals.

Ekran Resmi 2021-12-06 11.38.27.png
Ekran Resmi 2021-12-06 11.38.01.png
Ekran Resmi 2021-12-06 11.38.15.png
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