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KLANK.İSTKLANK.İSTKLANK.İSTKLANK.İSTKLANK.İSTKLANK.İSTKLANK.İSTKLANK.İSTKLANK.İSTKLANK.İSTKLANK.İSTKLANK.İSTKLANK.İSTKLANK.İSTKLANK.İSTKLANK.İSTKLANK.İSTKLANK.İSTKLANK.İStKLANK.İSTKLANK.İSTKLANK.İSTKLANK.İSTKLANK.İSTKLANK.İSTKLANK.İSTKLANK.İSTKLANK.İSTKLANK.İSTKLANK.İSTKLANK.İSTKLANK.İSTKLANK.İSTKLANK.İSTKLANK.İSTKLANK.İSTKLANK.İSTKLANK.İS impro meetings impro project is initiated with the purpose of creating a space for dancers, musicians and those who want to dance to co-create instant compositions through open improvisation. It aims to promote togetherness as a creative process in the era of individualism.

Under the dominance of immobile lifestyle impro wants to create a space for research and experience of bodily expressions. It intends to introduce the audience art forms such as contemporary dance, contemporary music and improvisation by making them a “participant” as dancers/movers/creators.

Moreover, this project creates an opportunity for artists whom without knowing each other come from similar disciplines to work together.

By creating this co-working space and naturally allowing co-creation to take place It carries the potential for new projects to grow. The improvised performances will be documented to be published online as video and audio recordings in order to start a database for artists for their creation process. For those who were not able to participant the events will then have the chance to see the performances.

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Ekran Resmi 2019-10-25 02.21.38.png

Concept and Curation: Ekin Tunçeli

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