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by Fatih Gençkal

     (Ellipsis) sets off from Euripides’ tragedy Trojan Women to embark upon a journey into the subconscious landscape of our times. It creates a peculiar yet familiar universe juxtaposing refugee testimonies, astrological texts and contemporary staging conventions with Greek Tragedy situations and texts where ‘off-stage’ elements manipulate the space and the bodies in it. Contemplating on individuals and communities, coincidence and patterns, it depicts humans and their possibilities in a chaotic world, thus creating an anarchy of meaning in a world of Gods and men, of journeys and disasters, war and loss.

Production: A Corner in the World X bomontiada ALT
Concept, Text Construction and Direction: Fatih Gençkal
Performers: Onur Berk Arslanoğlu, Nezaket Erden, Ekin Tunçeli, Erkan Uyanıksoy, Fatih Gençkal
Light Design: Utku Kara
Costume Design: Hilal Polat
Sound Design: Eda Er
Production Assistant: Zeynep Ece Taşkın

Duration: 65'

World Premiere: bomontiada ALT, September 2017

A Corner in the World, İstanbul 2018

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