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The Map of Empathic Society

by The Rodina

The Map of Empathic Society invites viewers to step in and become part of the installation. The shapes in the map forming the regional lines are based on extraterrestrial meteorological weather flows, while the geometric forms work as a vertiginous way to pull the viewer into this playground. Inspired by Johan Huizinga's writings about the homo ludens and Donna Haraway's theory of multispecies togetherness, The Rodina believes in the importance of caring and playing in order for an empathic society to develop. The map was developed with a strong sensitivity to the concept of uncertainty as a critical tool, and notions of networked affect. The fictional names point to imagined places that the mind might visit.

Ekran Resmi 2020-12-28 00.31.18.png

Created by: The Rodina

Exhibited in: Pera Museum - 5th Istanbul Design Biennale 

Performers: Ekin Tunçeli, Pınar Akyüz 

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