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Impustanz ATLAS Research 

Coach: Guy Cools

     thinkerbell is created as a different approach to not knowing what to do research which I'd been searching for "bir şey". I decided to focus on the part with the balloons but it was really expensive to use helium balloons in research process. So I decided to replace a different object instead of balloons. 

     First, I tried to use a wooden IKEA box. It was medium size raw wood. It enabled to get inside or put it on my head and covering my face. Due to technical situations, I couldn't continue to work with box. 

     Then, I find the roller shaped mint blue pillow .Even it was not my first choice, it was the best choice to try different possibilities on it. Size, shape, softness, texture all kinds of qualifications were on an average. Not to big, not to soft, not has a significant shape etc. 

The performance was improvised based on to searching the possible usages of pillow on stage for 10 minutes.   


The research was really helpful to consider the gravity situation which I couldn't think on helium balloon. With this inference, I added weights to the balloons robe. 

When I go back to work with ballons again, I noticed that the quality and energy of two object is so different. The strategy I found didn't work on balloons. 

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