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What is dance? Baby don't hurt me,don't hurt me, no more...

Created for 3. Visibility in Art Festival İstanbul

     This piece has been created on the idea of finding a reason for movement on stage. A competitive game with 8 round for 9 dancer is created which based on some physical child games. Every round, one different dancer is eliminated and in the end, one dancer becomes the winner. 

     Beside the performance layer, there is a video layer and a bet layer. Every dancer had created a persona for the game, we'd made a teaser for each of the dancers. It was released to social media to made the audience saw them before they saw them on stage in uniform costumes and help them to decide whom to bet. Bet layer is a trial to keep the audiences eyes on the performance. Turkish audience is not familiar to contemporary performances. So it's planned to give a reason to keep watching the performance ( to see if the dancer they bet wins). 


Performed in

- 3. Visibility in Art Festival İstanbul (2016)

- 1. Visibility in Art Festival İzmir (2016)

- Young Choreographers 06 İstanbul (2016)

- METU Contemporary Dance Festival Ankara (2017) 

Concept & Choreography: Ekin Tunçeli


Creative dancers: Ekin Ançel, Tamer Aksu, Hür Diren Bankoğlu, Mizgin Bozkaya, Rüçhan Eylül Ercan, Su Guzey, Metehan Kayan, Sude Meriç Kolozina, Seray İçmez, Aybike İpekçi, İlayda İpekçi, Tuğçe Göncü, Göker Yıldız 

Costume: Ekin Tunçeli

Video: Ekin Tunçeli 

Duration: 35''

Photo: Murat Dürüm

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